Bal de la Rose: A Look Inside The Rose Ball

Spring in Monaco is a whirlwind of glamorous parties—and the Bal de la Rose (The Rose Ball) is arguably the most opulent of all. The Rose Ball was started in 1954 as a prelude to the principality’s official party season. Since 1964, Princess Grace established that all proceeds from the ball will benefit the Princess Grace Foundation-Monaco, which is dedicated to helping people in need by developing humanitarian projects. It’s held in March at the Salle des Étoiles, a fashionable event space that offers stunning views and has a removable roof, allowing for open-air events.

The Rose Ball brings together important members of high society, celebrities, politicians, and the Monegasque royal family. These elite attendees walk the red carpet dressed in evening gowns and black tie, twinkling with exquisite jewels. The night is one of festive fun, celebration of the arts and charitable giving—just as Princess Grace intended. 


For the very first Rose Ball, Henry Astrik, creative director of Société des Bains de Mer, had the outside-of-the-box idea to make the waltz the main dance at the ball, and he declared that the rose, Princess Grace’s favorite flower, would be the official flower of the event (he filled the space with 25,000 of them). A believer in grand gestures, he also insisted on having 100 violins playing throughout the evening. In 1957 ballet was added to the night’s entertainment, featuring a performance by French dancer and actress Colette Marchand. These joyous traditions remained largely the same until the mid-1970s.

In 1977 French dancer and socialite Jacques Chazot acted as creative director of the ball and decided to change things up a bit, putting his own spin on the ball. He performed (in place of the typical ballet and violin combo), and ever since each Rose Ball has had a distinct theme, complete with matching decor and attire. This new creative twist has added to the ball’s splendor and popularity

A Modern Evolution

For several years, Karl Lagerfeld acted as the creative director of the Rose Ball, and his themes included Belle & Pop, Russian Constructivism, Art Deco, Cuban fever, Viennese Romanticism and New York. Christian Louboutin took the reins in 2023, masterfully transforming the Salle des Étoiles into a Bollywood movie set. He bathed the space in shades of pink, dressed the tables with pink, orange, and teal tablecloths, and filled the room with more than 12,000 brightly-colored roses. The event was set up as dinner and a show—a decadent meal followed by spellbinding performances by Indian dancers and  Jérémy-Loup Quer, a principal dancer from the Paris Opera Ballet (who danced covered in gold paint). Mika, a Lebanese-born singer, closed out the show with his song “Grace Kelly.”

This Year’s Rose Ball

The 2024 Rose Ball will take place on March 23rd. Christian Louboutin will once again be acting as creative director and the theme was recently unveiled to be disco. Louboutin will be transforming the Salle des Étoiles into a glamorous disco scene, and of course there will be thousands of roses adorning the space. Gloria Gaynor, famous for hit disco anthems such as “I Will Survive,” will be performing, and the evening will conclude with an elaborate fireworks display.

For the past 70 years, the Rose Ball has been dazzling attendees with its majestic decor, magical entertainment and heartfelt charitable roots. This lavish event that benefits Princess Grace’s foundation represents Grace de Monaco’s “Luxury for Good'' credo, and embodies the sophistication and charity of Princess Grace herself.