Find Your Newest Fragrance

Discovering the perfect scent can be a lengthy process. Beyond the scent profiles that appeal to you, the mood you’re in or want to create, much of it depends on how a fragrance will react with your skin’s chemistry. To guide you on this course, Grace de Monaco has developed the Fragrance Finder Quiz. Think of it as a navigational tool as you step into the world of Grace de Monaco fragrances.

What it is 

With a series of six intuitive questions, the Grace de Monaco Fragrance Quiz delves into the essence of your preferences, aspirations, and personality, guiding you toward one of our three fragrance archetypes:  

  1. Adventurous and romantic
  2. Magnetic and bright
  3. Modern and vivacious

Olfactive mapping 

At the heart of the quiz are our three distinct fragrance categories: floral amber, fresh floral, and floral chypre. Each category occupies a unique olfactive space, represented by their intricate blend of ingredients in our fragrances.  

The floral amber scent family 

Floral amber scents balance the warmth of amber with the delicate embrace of flowers. This category is characterized by rich, opulent notes such as vanilla, amber, and woods, seamlessly intertwined with the delicate petals of rose, jasmine, and ylang-ylang. The main olfactive takeaway is a lingering sense of sensuality. Promenade Sur Le Rocher embodies the floral amber classification and exudes elegance and confidence, perfect for romantic, worldly types.    

The fresh floral scent family 

Fresh florals connect the scent of fresh-cut flowers with the aromatic vibrancy of citrus and fruits. This category is characterized by bright notes of bergamot and juicy berries, entwined with the delicate fragrance of lily of the valley, rose, and freesia. The main olfactive takeaway is a feeling of effervescence. Danse Étoilée embodies the fresh floral classification and radiates optimism and carefreeness, ideal for vibrant, magnetic types.

The floral chypre scent family 

Floral chypres draw together seductive earthy notes and velvety florals. This category is characterized by the interplay of clary sage, bergamot, and soft leather, harmonized with the delicate fragrance of rose, iris, and lavender. The main olfactive takeaway is the notion of modernity and refinement. Ombre Sereine embodies the floral chypre classification and exudes style and glamour, perfect for insightful, sophisticated types.

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