The Making of Grace de Monaco Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the ultimate accessory. Having transcended their practical purpose as sun protection, they have emerged as indispensable expressions of personal style.   

Unlike their clear-lens counterparts, sunglasses have always been inherently cool, making the wearer seem more confident and mysterious. They gained popularity when Hollywood stars like Grace Kelly and Cary Grant started to wear them to shield their gaze and keep their cool under the flash of paparazzi cameras.   

Princess Grace’s impact on fashion, particularly accessories, is undeniable. Her ability to transform a pair of sunglasses into a powerful style statement remains as influential today as it did decades ago. Grace de Monaco eyewear is born from this legacy, celebrating the classic beauty and sophisticated glamour that Princess Grace represented. Each pair of sunglasses in our collections reflects her innate sense of style, from Hollywood muse to royal icon.  


“Princess Grace's style is both timeless and inspirational; her iconic image and fashion sensibilities resonate across generations. With the Grace de Monaco sunglasses collection, we are seamlessly integrating her enduring influence with her philanthropic spirit. This collection unequivocally pays homage to her fashion legacy and the styles she would have embraced today, while embodying the essence of giving back. All proceeds go toward the Princess Grace Foundation’s artist grants program in support of emerging talent in theater, dance and film.” 

- Claudia Poccia, CEO Grace de Monaco 


Each of the eight stunning new frames in the Grace de Monaco sunglasses collection is a modern, inspired take on what Princess Grace and her consorts would have worn today. Drawing inspiration from her unforgettable Hollywood roles for the Drama Collection and the exhilarating curves of the Circuit de Monaco for our Grand Prix Collection, these sunglasses are more than just an accessory—they're a statement of style and sophistication.  

The materials: where tradition meets innovation 

What sets Grace de Monaco sunglasses apart is the exquisite craftsmanship. Each pair is made in Italy, focusing on thoughtful design, and using the finest materials and techniques.  


“This collection was designed with a focus on quality materials, tradition, and craftsmanship. This included careful selection of the best Italian factory known for its pioneering and precise design aesthetics, as well as the use of high-quality plant-based acetates and metals. The polarized lenses come in stunning and unique color options, resulting in cohesive and classic fashion looks.”  

- Claudia Poccia, CEO Grace de Monaco 


The frames in The Drama Collection are made from sustainably sourced, premium plant-based Italian acetate and feature a five-barrel stainless steel hinge, wire core, and Teflon-coated screw for durability. The frames in The Grand Prix Collection were handmade using lightweight stainless steel and feature added details like silicone nose pads for comfort and flexibility. All Grace de Monaco sunglasses offer 100% UV protection.  

Introducing the Drama Collection 

Each of the four acetate frames in the Drama Collection derives its name from one of Grace Kelly’s unforgettable movie roles: Margot in Dial M for Murder, Georgie in The Country Girl, Tracy in High Society, and Frances with co-star Cary Grant as John Robie in To Catch a Thief. The Grace de Monaco logo and the name of each sunglass style are elegantly engraved on the inside arm. 

The Margot 

The Margot is a vintage-inspired style with a glossy mid-sized acetate frame and clean lines that give this pair of shades a chic and timeless look. The cat-eye silhouette is enigmatic and alluring – a stylish nod to a film noir character. The Margot is available in a black frame with grey gradient lenses, tortoise frame with brown lenses, or a sage green frame with grey gradient lenses.  

The Georgie 

The Georgie is an edgy cat-eye with an avant-garde aesthetic. The bold angular lines bring focus to the face and add a modern twist to an understated look. Featuring a glossy mid-sized acetate frame, this style has a unique statement-making geometric shape.  The Georgie is available in a glossy black frame with deep grey tinted lenses.    

The Tracy 

The Tracy has an oversized, 60’s inspired rounded shape, perfect for concealing the sun or an alter-ego. These bold, feminine retro shades are a fun and practical essential that evokes a sense of vintage glamour and elegance. The Tracy is available in a gradient grey frame with grey gradient lenses and a rose crystal frame with grey-green lenses.  

The Frances/The Röbie 

The Frances/The Röbie is a classic style that looks good on everyone. The ultra-wearable frames have a rounded shape and a smooth, effortless design. Perfect for everyday wear, these shades can be styled for any setting or situation. Subtle and distinguished, these frames reflect the sophistication of the duo they were named after. The Röbie has a tortoise frame with brown lenses. The Frances is available in a sage green frame with grey lenses and a rose crystal frame with mauve lenses.   

Introducing the Grand Prix Collection  

Each of the four metal frames in the Grand Prix Collection was inspired by the adrenaline-charged curves of the Monte Carlo Grand Prix racetrack. The stainless steel frames in this collection are as sleek, sexy, and thrilling as the famous circuit they’re named after.  The Grace de Monaco logo and the name of each sunglass style is discreetly etched on the inside arm. 

The Piscine 

The Piscine is an update to the classic aviator frame. These lightweight frames' square shape and rounded corners exude old-school elegance on and off the racetrack. Echoing the contemporary architecture of the Rainier III Nautical Stadium they are named after; these shades reflect Monte Carlo’s luxurious and sporty atmosphere. The Piscine is available in silver-toned metal with green lenses.  

The Rascasse 

The Rascasse is an elevated take on the iconic teardrop aviator style. Inspired by the dynamic movement and precision needed to maneuver this Grand Prix corner, these shades capture the essence of adventure and luxury. These sunglasses seamlessly blend sporty coverage and comfort with sophistication. The Rascasse is available in gold-toned metal frames with blue-grey lenses. 

The Sainte Dévote 

The Sainte Dévote is an aviator style with a timeless, rounded shape. These shades evoke the graceful curves that define this infamous corner of the circuit. The oval lenses offer maximum coverage, while the thick, solid top bar gives these shades a distinctive look. Combining style and function, the Sainte-Dévoté encapsulates the exhilarating spirit and heritage the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. Thoughtfully designed for flexible comfort and all-day wearability. The Sainte Dévote is available in gunmetal frames with purple-grey lenses.   

The Mirabeau 

The Mirabeau is a sharp and stylish aviator. Designed with sophistication in mind, these utilitarian shades are fashionable, functional, and capture the streamlined aesthetics of high-performance race cars navigating the track. The distinctive teardrop lenses are modernized with a sharper, more angular cut, for a bolder, more contemporary edge. The Mirabeau is available in gold-toned metal frames with grey-green lenses and antique rose gold frames with mauve lenses.   

The Packaging 

All Grace de Monaco sunglasses are accompanied by a sleek, hard black protective carrying case luxuriously lined with soft velvet. The interior flap is etched with our mission statement, "Luxury For Good." Nestled inside, you'll find a black microfiber lens cleaning cloth featuring the Grace de Monaco logo. 

Authentic, sustainable luxury that gives back 

Grace de Monaco isn’t just about looking good—it’s about doing good, too. The brand is committed to sustainability by using ethical production methods. Beyond sustainability, Grace de Monaco passionately supports extraordinary emerging talent in theater, dance, and film. 100% of the profits from every purchase of Grace de Monaco products flow directly into the Princess Grace Foundation-USA, artists’ dreams and enabling their visions to unfold and materialize through career-advancing grants. This dual commitment to environmental stewardship and artistic advancement reflects the brand's holistic vision of luxury that champions beauty and purpose. 

Grace de Monaco eyewear epitomizes Princess Grace’s unique star power and regal influence. When you slip on a pair of Grace de Monaco sunglasses, you’re embracing a legacy of luxury and philanthropy. Our eyewear is designed to let you experience the world through the Grace de Monaco lens. They're not just sunglasses; they're a gateway to glamour. #seeinggrace #luxuryforgood