The Season of Giving

The end of each year is traditionally celebrated as a joyous time and a season of giving and generosity as we reflect on days past and prepare for a wonderful year ahead with friends and family.

To celebrate the season we gift those most important to us as a means of showing love, appreciation, and thanks. Imagine the opportunity to add even greater significance to your giving this season—where both the gift and the purpose share a deeper meaning. Grace de Monaco is a brand founded on being of benefit to others, where all revenues from the sale of our products directly support emerging artists in theater, dance and film—much like the most recent class of Princess Grace Award winners.

As a luxury brand, we strive to make giving effortless by presenting a collection of exquisite products made from the highest quality sustainable materials, ensuring they are enduring and timeless. This Season of Giving consider effortlessly doing good by gifting these highly curated products (for you or a loved one), whose purchases will nurture the brightest stars of tomorrow in the arts through the Princess Grace Foundation.

You want to make a difference, give the gift to match.

Cast in ceramic with intricate relief detail by renowned designer Jérôme Faillant-Dumas and infused with our premier fragrance.

Conceived as a sculpture in ceramic that leaves an indelible mark on any room.

Screened by hand in Italy, The Promenade and Cote d’Azur Twilly’s capture the quintessential Mediterranean “joie de vivre.”⁠