Love at First Light Limited-Edition Duo

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Whomever you choose to celebrate your love with, be it a best friend, partner, or family loved one, this limited-edition duo will have your giftee feeling wrapped in love.

Duo includes:
1 Small Scented Candle (Choice of Scent)
1 Promenade silk Twilly in Rose Gold

Select your fragrance

Like its matching Grace de Monaco premier fragrance, the Promenade Sur Le Rocher candle has a bold and romantic scent illuminated with white florals, bergamot, and rose plus warm notes of amber, woods, musk and vanilla. Light it and allow yourself to feel its passionate embrace.

Inspired by Princess Grace’s pressed floral art, this 100% silk Twilly is hand-screened in Italy and features beautiful shades of rose, shimmering gold, and sapphire jewel tones. Wear it around your wrist as an elegant accessory, tied on your purse handle as a charming accent, or wrapped around your neck like Princess Grace.

Handcrafted vegetable and mineral wax in ceramic vessel.
8.8 oz./250 g

Size: 5 x 106 cm (2 x 42 in).

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A brand that represents the passions and purpose of an iconic Princess whose generosity and style has inspired the world for generations.