Harrods Salon de Parfums

There is luxury and then there is Harrods. Established in London in 1849, and located in the posh Knightsbridge district, Harrods has established itself as the pinnacle of exceptional living.

Meeting the highest of standards and showcasing world class brands across its 330 departments, Harrods has a thriving assortment selected to meet the demands of the world’s most discerning shoppers with a range of everyday essentials to the most precious of accoutrements.

In 2014, Harrods re-imagined the sixth floor into a “Salon de Parfums”, a space dedicated to fine fragrances. The gallery features a limited number of boutiques that house exclusive and high profile brands such as Guerlain, Creed, Dior, Chanel and Tom Ford. A connoisseur’s collection of the newest and most exclusive fragrances available anywhere. At the center of this ethereal atmosphere is savoir-faire. This immersive experience offers guests consultations and bespoke services from exclusive perfumes and bottle designs to customized scents and monogrammed flacons.

Grace de Monaco will be making its European debut at the Salon de Parfums

Grace de Monaco will be making its European debut at the Salon de Parfums on February 1, 2023.

To celebrate this launch, Harrods Magazine Editor Katie Service will be in conversation with the brand’s senior leadership, including Grace de model or scene Monaco CEO Claudia Poccia, CMO Kevin Thompson, COO Christopher Lacy and esteemed creator of LOVE Agency in Paris Jérôme Faillant-Dumas in the Harrods auditorium on the morning of February 8. Later that day, fragrance journalist Alice du Parcq will hold a discovery session with the Grace de Monaco team. Both events offer a glimpse inside the captivating world of Grace de Monaco and the heartfelt luxury for good story behind the new maison.

Grace de Monaco will be making its European debut at the Salon de Parfums

Occupying space within Harrods is an opportunity to share the legacy and mission of Princess Grace with a wider audience. As the world’s first luxury brand for good, Grace de Monaco is delighted to unveil an assortment of exquisitely crafted fragrances, home fragrances and silks, from which all revenues benefit the Princess Grace Foundation. Grace de Monaco is delighted to join this prestigious shopping destination, in both the coveted sixth floor salon and the iconic Beauty Halls.