How to Emulate Princess Grace’s Travel Style

Princess Grace typically spent her summer holidays with family—venturing to towns in the South of France outside Monaco; to luxury locales, like Mallorca and Venice; or returning to the U.S. to visit her family’s beach house on the East Coast. Wherever she ventured, though, one thing was always true: Princess Grace’s travel style was impeccable. To look chic anywhere, anytime (while living out of a suitcase), Princess Grace typically relied on a simple, monochromatic wardrobe that she complemented with her signature summer accessories: oversized sunglasses, silk scarves, cashmere cardigans, and espadrilles.

To streamline your own summer travel planning, Amanda Ross Bacon, a designer, former fashion editor, and founder of A Ross Girl, says to take cues from Princess Grace’s classic travel looks. Here, her simple rules for packing. 

  • Choose a color palette for your trip

“Princess Grace often did this which enabled easier mixing, matching and layering. Never underestimate simplicity when traveling; there’s no need to pack a million different outfits,” she says. 

  • Start packing with items you love.

To choose your palette, Ross Bacon recommends starting with your favorite top or dress, then building from there. “Always pack your favorite things first—those you know look good on you and will help you feel comfortable away from home.” 

  • Pack at least two days before your trip.

Ross Bacon says to give yourself time to edit—and leave some room for new purchases. “I love to shop when I travel; that's the best time. You're relaxed and free to stroll and be inspired,” she says, adding that she will usually opt to check a bigger bag, rather than squeezing everything into a compact carry-on, so she doesn’t have to sacrifice space. 

Once you’ve chosen your favorite pieces, a color palette, and a big-enough bag, Ross Bacon says adding a few Princess-Grace-inspired essentials will ensure you look chic wherever your travels take you.

A scarf and a cashmere sweater

When you travel, it’s all about layering—you never know when the weather will change—so I always bring a scarf and a cashmere cardigan,” says Ross Bacon. “I like to have something to wear on my head, and a silk scarf can easily be wrapped around your hair,” says Ross Bacon. 

A caftan 

A long, airy caftan is lightweight and easy to pack—and it can elegantly go from daytime (over a swimsuit with big sunglasses) to nighttime (with statement earrings and strappy sandals). 

Classic sunglasses

Ross Bacon says Princess Grace’s sunglasses styles—classic, oversized lenses or cat-eye frames—look just as chic today as they did sixty years ago. To emulate that simple elegance, shop the new Grace de Monaco sunglasses collection, inspired by Princess Grace’s timeless sunny-day looks. 

White jeans and a few tees

The ultimate in versatility, white or neutral-colored basics—hallmarks of Princess Grace’s style— are always appropriate, says Ross Bacon. And white jeans, she adds, are dressier than blue and can be elevated for evening with heels and a chic top.  

A basket bag

Princess Grace accessorized her iconic caftan look with a basket bag—a style combo Ross Bacon says still resonates today. For a similar look, tie a Grace de Monaco Twilly around the handle of a straw or woven tote or bucket bag.

Good sandals, flats and a pair of heels

When traveling, Princess Grace was often photographed in flat-soled espadrilles, classic, comfortable Spanish shoes that can be dressed up or down. Ross Bacon agrees with packing easy footwear, like sandals, ballet flats, and a pair of heels for evening.

Finally, Ross Bacon recommends bringing one special item you may not think you need—but will be glad to have. It could be a brightly-colored cardigan, a bold, printed top, or a piece of special jewelry.  “I think part of enjoying travel is always feeling like you've got the right thing,” says Ross Bacon.  “Maybe you’ll get invited somewhere, and you want something that gives your look a little something extra.”