Spring Travel Essentials

Princess Grace’s film career took her to incredible destinations like Kenya, Japan and Colombia. And as Princess, she regularly traveled to glamorous locales like Mallorca, Sevilla, and Venice. There were also trips back to the United States to her family beach house in New Jersey, or even a 1961 visit to the White House. Her life was filled with luxurious and joyous travel experiences, punctuated by iconic fashion moments. “Our life dictates a certain kind of wardrobe,” she once explained. So, while your next Spring holiday may not take you to the exotic locations the royal Grimaldi family visited, there’s still plenty to learn from Princess Grace’s travel strategies. Here, a packing list fit for a royal…or any aspiring jetsetter!

1. At least one scarf

Wide-brimmed straw hats are notoriously cumbersome to pack, so follow Princess Grace’s lead and bring silk scarves on your next trip instead. She wrapped brightly patterned scarves around her head to shield her from the sun and keep her hair neat in windy conditions. Tie one around the handle of your purse while traveling, and then wrap it around your head before hopping onto a boat—or into a convertible. Our new Monogram Mediterranean Blue is perfect for a city or beach destination. Or, you can tie a Grace de Monaco Twilly on your bag instead, and use it to sweep your hair back into a ponytail if it gets hot or breezy.

Headed to a cooler climate? Opt for a wool blend scarf instead. Wear it wrapped around your neck, over your shoulders, or just keep it on hand to toss around you on a plane or in a restaurant to keep warm. Our Monogram Lavender Scarf is soft, luxurious and the perfect calming neutral tone to pair with everything you packed.

2. Oversized sunglasses

Whether sledding with her family in Switzerland, cruising the Mediterranean on her yacht, or watching the Olympics in Munich, Princess Grace was rarely spotted without a pair of oversized cat-eye sunglasses. They had a dual purpose: They protected her from the sun, as well as helped conceal her from the paparazzi. Look for cat-eye sunglasses in black, or tortoise, as these were the shades that Princess Grace favored.

3. A pair of espadrilles

While Princess Grace’s royal duties included attending formal galas and international film festivals, some of her favorite travel moments were spent alone, walking. “I love walking in the woods, on the trails, along the beaches. I love being a part of nature. I love walking alone. It is therapy. One needs to be alone, to recharge one’s batteries,” she said. Princess Grace often wore flat espadrilles on her walks, which look more polished than sneakers but are just as comfortable.

4. A bright caftan

Princess Grace famously wore a pink and green Pucci caftan while snapping photos in 1972. Airy, comfortable, and stylish, silk caftans go from day to night, and are the embodiment of effortless elegance.

5. Fragrance

Princess Grace’s love of flowers is equally matched by her love of self-expression. Fragrance was a way for her to blend the two together. When traveling, a full-size bottle of perfume is not only cumbersome but risky as it could break and spill throughout your suitcase. Play it safe with a travel-friendly, refillable atomizer and decant your favorite Grace de Monaco fragrance. Each of our unique scents from Promenade Sur Le Rocher to Danse Étoilée to Ombre Sereine, captures the essence of Monaco and features Princess Grace’s favorite flowers.

6. Lots of linen

Lightweight and versatile, linen is the best fabric to pack for warm-weather excursions. Princess Grace often wore breezy matching linen separates on her many trips around the globe. To prevent wrinkling, roll up (don’t fold) linen items and place the bundles on top of your other clothes in your suitcase. Immediately hang linen pieces when you arrive at your destination.

7. An (Irish) read

Princess Grace was an avid reader with a particular fondness for books written by Irish authors—a tribute to her Irish heritage—and she owned an impressive collection of Irish literature. Take (or download) one of these Irish best sellers on your next trip: Normal People by Sally Rooney, or In The Woods by Tana French (French’s newest book, The Hunter, comes out in March 2024).

8. The perfect hostess gift

Known for her impeccable manners and love of gift-giving, Princess Grace would always present her host with a thoughtfully selected gift. Pack a Grace de Monaco suitcase-friendly Small Scented Candle infused in our Promenade Sur Le Rocher or Danse Étoilée fragrances.

As both a movie star and a princess, Princess Grace lived a jet-set lifestyle. Her timeless travel looks and style etiquette continue to serve as inspiration to us years later. Learn more about her iconic looks here