The Monogram Lavender

$590.00 USD
Handmade in Italy, this 65% silk and 35% wool blend scarf has a sophisticated, calming palette of purples and lavender. The iconic Grace de Monaco monogram in pale mauve is repeated against the deep lavender background of the square-shaped scarf. Wider bands of mauve are then trimmed with alternating rows of the deeper lavender. Finally, the edges of the scarf flow with bold purple and white fringe.
Duty and Taxes May Apply

Like a postcard of softly-blowing lavender nestled in the sun-drenched Provence region in the South of France, our Lavender cashmere blend scarf features rows of beautiful purple and mauve trim and fringe - all reminiscent of spectacular lavender fields.

Care: Handwash separately using a gentle cashmere or wool detergent. Fill a clean sink or bowl with cool water, and add a cap full of cashmere detergent. Place the scarf into the water and gently swirl with your hands. Allow it to soak for up to 30 minutes. Rinse with cool water until no longer soapy. Press water out of the scarf, then lay flat to dry.

Size: 130 x 130 cm (51 x 51 in)

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