The Power of Charitable Giving

The best gift to give this season, is the one that not only makes you feel good but does good. Showing compassion, performing small acts of kindness, gifting a loved one something that gives back to your community – these are all ways to explore the joy in giving and embrace the more profound meaning of a charitable act.

The Grace de Monaco brand stands as an emblem of both sophistication and social responsibility. Going well beyond luxury, we’re committed to making a tangible difference in the world through the Princess Grace Foundation USA. Rooted in the principles championed by Princess Grace - to elevate extraordinary emerging talent in theatre, dance, and film - the Foundation offers career-advancing grants to nurture creativity and artistic excellence.

Through the sales of every Grace de Monaco product, 100% of the profits flow to the Princess Grace Foundation USA in support of their mission. In terms of your holiday gift shopping list, that’s a win-win – a luxurious, item made with the most exquisite craftmanship that your loved one will cherish - and its very purchase makes an important mark on someone else’s life too.

For Those Who Love a Signature-Scented Home

Our home fragrance collection will captivate her senses. Each candle is designed to elevate the ambiance of her home and transform any space into an aromatic and sophisticated sanctuary. Made from a blend of vegetable and mineral wax, our candles deliver a cleaner, longer burn. Whether your giftee likes it warm and earthy (like our Promenade Sur Le Rocher Large Scented Candle), or bright and floral (like our Danse Étoilée Large Scented Candle), our Scented Candles make a gorgeous holiday gift.

For The Continuous Home Fragrance Lover

Flame-free and designed to disperse fragrance evenly all day long, diffusers are an excellent choice for busy families who want to fill their home with scent. Our Porcelain Fragrance Diffuser is handcrafted in Limoges, France and showcases an exquisite, expressive design. Our Porcelain Fragrance Diffuser can be customized with our Diffuser Fragrance Oil, available in two signature scents of Promenade Sur Le Rocher and Danse Étoilée.

For the Romantic Adventurer

Our premier scent, Promenade Sur Le Rocher, is a floral amber fragrance, available as a parfum or eau de parfum, that blends the richness of bergamot, the allure of jasmine, and the velvety embrace of rose centifolia. Added notes of amber and musk make this a bold, sensual choice. Each perfume bottle is adorned with a hand tied ceramic orchid, a reference to one of Princess Grace’s most beloved flowers.

For The Passionate Optimist

Our Danse Étoilée fragrance is a fresh floral that blends bright notes of cassis and lily-of-the-valley, delicate rose, spicy geranium and magnetic musk. This is a scent that radiates charm and vivacity.

For The Dare Seeker

Ombre Sereine Eau de Parfum is a floral chypre. It blends an effervescent mix of mimosa, jasmine, and soft lavender with the added depth of leather and ambroxine. This is the fragrance for those who find beauty in the unknown, who revel in the unfamiliar. With its exquisite blend of notes, this Grace de Monaco scent allows the recipient to indulge in a fragrance experience that mirrors their essence, making it a thoughtful present for the fragrance lover.

For the Accessories Collector

Perfect for the individual who appreciates the artistry in accessories, the Grace de Monaco Silk Scarf collection offers impeccable, elevated offerings for those who adore expressing their personal style with a pop of color and soft, touchable texture. Screened by hand in Como, Italy, our 100% silk scarves are available in 4 captivating designs by Jérôme Faillant-Dumas. These accessories embody timeless elegance, tailored for the accessory lover seeking sophistication. Click here to discover 7 chic ways to style a head scarf.

For the Fashion Innovator

Each gorgeous design of our Twilly Collection features images reminiscent of Princess Grace’s legendary pressed floral art. The colors are bright, romantic and aquatic channeling those lights and colors found naturally along the Mediterranean coastline. The Twilly has endless ways of being worn – as a wrap around your wrist, worn delicately along the hairline as a headband, tied elegantly around a vase to elevate home décor - the fashion innovator in your life will have no problem finding new ways to utilize this luxurious silk.

This holiday season and beyond, we invite you to empower diverse, inspiring, and extraordinary artists through Grace de Monaco’s “luxury-for-good” gift guide. 100% of the profits directly support the Foundation's endeavors in uplifting the lives and careers of American performers.

The partnership between Grace de Monaco and the Princess Grace Foundation USA exemplifies how the simple act of giving contributes to a more compassionate world, upholding Princess Grace’s wish to enrich the lives of those around her and redirecting our focus to the profound joy of giving.