Princess Grace: A Real Life Fairy Tale for Young Readers

In the expansive world of children's literature, Emberli Pridham shines as a storyteller. Her illustrated book series "Real Life Fairy Tale" goes beyond mere storytelling; it provides a window into the lives of remarkable individuals who have left an indelible mark on history. Her latest book, "A Real Life Fairy Tale Princess Grace Kelly," is an enchanting addition to her ever-growing oeuvre. This thoughtful tale introduces young readers to Princess Grace, whose journey from beloved Hollywood star to real-life princess of Monaco captivated the world. Pridham's talent is weaving historical information into an educational and entertaining narrative. Grace de Monaco and the Princess Grace Foundation are thrilled to be associated with this special tribute that acquaints a new generation with the timeless elegance and compassion that Princess Grace embodied.

A Real Life Fairy Tale for Young Readers

"A Real Life Fairy Tale Princess Grace Kelly," the second volume in the series, is an invitation to explore the life of an actual princess whose noble legacy extends beyond her royal title. More than a charming biography of Princess Grace, it imparts valuable life lessons by illustrating the importance of grace, perseverance, and philanthropy. The book reveals how Princess Grace devoted her life to helping others, especially children, through The Red Cross, The Rainbow Coalition Children, and AMADE Mondial to support growth and success in young people around the world. It also details how Princess Grace’s transition from Hollywood to Monaco didn't diminish her love for the arts. As an accomplished actress, she understood the power of artistic expression, and her connection to the arts was reflected in her support of various cultural endeavors, in creating the Princess Grace Academy to benefit the Monte-Carlo Ballet, and in the establishment of the Princess Grace Foundation in her honor which continues her mission of supporting artists. The story of Princess Grace is an engaging and inspiring example of how passion, purpose, and a kind heart can expand our world and the world of others.

What makes this book even more remarkable is the foreword penned by Brisa Carleton, CEO of the Princess Grace Foundation. Carleton's words are a poignant reminder of Princess Grace's legacy and the importance of continuing her humanitarian work. Pridham, who actively engages in philanthropic work, is a Crown Patron of the Princess Grace Foundation and is donating ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of this book to the Foundation, which will benefit extraordinary emerging artists in theater, dance, and film through career-advancing grants.

A Real Life Fairy Tale for Young Readers

In a world filled with fictional princesses, "A Real Life Fairy Tale Princess Grace Kelly" is a refreshing and educational resource. It opens children's minds and hearts and inspires them to appreciate the beauty of showing kindness and compassion. Emberli Pridham's work bridges the gap between history and imagination. It encourages children to dream, believe, and take inspiration from the lives of those who made a difference, like the luminous and iconic Princess Grace of Monaco. 

A Real Life Fairy Tale Princess Grace Kelly is currently available at Barnes & Noble.

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