Grace de Monaco Mission & Legacy

Steeped in timeless elegance, the Grace de Monaco brand is more than just a beacon of luxury; it is a tribute to the enduring spirit of grace, philanthropy, and the arts.

At the heart of Grace de Monaco's mission lies a commitment to preserving the legacy of its namesake, Princess Grace, whose indomitable spirit continues to inspire generations. Princess Grace's essence was a perfect blend of elegance and compassion; qualities that Grace de Monaco infuses into every facet of its brand.

Central to the brand's ethos is its deep-rooted association with the Princess Grace Foundation. Established with the mission to support extraordinary emerging talent in theater, dance, and film, the Foundation has been a steadfast patron of the arts, fostering boundless creativity. As the spotlight shines on the remarkable class of 2023 Princess Grace Award winners and honoraria, Grace de Monaco proudly stands as an ally, offering not only admiration but tangible support.

Philanthropy is the cornerstone upon which the Grace de Monaco brand is built. Our unique luxury-for-good retail model intertwines luxury with benevolence. Every purchase from Grace de Monaco imparts positive change. 100% of the profits from every purchase flow directly into the Princess Grace Foundation, nurturing the dreams of artists and enabling their visions to unfold and materialize through career-advancing grants.

“For nearly 40 years the Princess Grace Foundation has been the proud steward of Princess Grace’s legacy; realizing Her vision to support new generations of extraordinary and diverse talent in theater, dance and film.”
- Brisa Carleton, CEO Princess Grace Foundation

The 2023 Princess Grace Award winners and honoraria represent a tapestry of aspirations and are a testament to the power of artistic brilliance. With unwavering dedication, they have been selected as torchbearers of the foundation's ideals. As Grace de Monaco proudly aligns with this constellation of talent, the bond between luxury and the arts is fortified, exemplifying how brands can serve a higher purpose.

This year we received our highest number of applications, and we are so impressed with the talent of the applicant pool. It is a pleasure to welcome the 29 Princess Grace Award winners and honoraria recipients, and we look forward to seeing them make their mark in their industries.”
- Brisa Carleton, CEO Princess Grace Foundation

For the recipients of the Princess Grace Award grants, it's not just a transaction, it's a transformation. They become part of an ongoing narrative, etching their names alongside the countless stories of fellow artists and creatives.

“The Princess Grace Award is an honor that validates the marathon that is trying to break into the film industry. In a sense, running along the same path as artists whose work I and so many others have admired, has lent me another boost of endurance as I continue on the path towards a career as a writer/director.”
– 2023 Princess Grace Award winner Aiman Mimiko

These career-advancing grants are a celebration of human potential and the courage to dream differently. The extraordinary community of Princess Grace Foundation beneficiaries are a reminder that art can be a catalyst for change.

“At such a precarious time for artists in this country, when we are called to help invent and document human survival, to mourn our dead, to imagine new futures, receiving this kind of support from The Princess Grace Foundation is deeply life-affirming; this is confirmation that choosing the artist’s path is a worthwhile pursuit.”
– 2023 Princess Grace Award winner Jesús I. Valles

Every Grace de Monaco purchase empowers talented artists by providing them with grants that make a positive difference and propel their professional journey forward. Through our brand's philanthropic mission, Princess Grace’s altruistic spirit lives on, nurturing the very essence of creativity she held so dear. As patrons of this legacy and patrons of the arts, we’re investing in the future of artistic brilliance.

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