Princess Grace: The Original Quiet Luxury Influencer

Once enamored with bold prints, flashes of color, and an overload of accessories, the modern fashion world is now embracing the idea of high-quality fabrics, monochromatic palettes, and simple silhouettes. This renewed movement of understated elegance has Princess Grace to thank for originating it. “Princess Grace has always been the embodiment of this classic look,” says stylist and former fashion editor Jonny Lichtenstein. We are seeing a return to chic, comfortable clothes that are so well made they can last a lifetime. He adds, “The tenets of Princess Grace’s own style are the best fashion directives to follow if you want to embrace a look as timeless as hers.” Here, six hallmarks of Princess Grace’s classic style that can help elevate your own.

1. Drape yourself in beautiful fabrics

Princess Grace understood the aesthetic impact of wearing clothes made from natural fibers and the finest materials. Whether it was wool skirts, silk blouses, or cashmere cardigans and scarves, she favored high-quality fabrics. By following her example and having a discerning eye for fabric content, your clothes will hold their shape, resist pilling, and stand the test of time, ensuring you always look impeccable. One of her favorite accessories to keep on hand, were scarves in all shapes and sizes. Our new Monogram Lavender is a silk and wool blend in the perfect soft neutral tone to wear as a wrap in your hair or around your neck.

2. Keep color quiet

“Princess Grace often wore looks in white or cream, soft pastels, or neutrals, which made her always look polished,” says Lichtenstein, who adds that earth tones and muted neutrals are the preferred palette for many quiet luxury clothes today. All three of our new Monogram Collection scarves feature neutral shades of lavender, espresso and blue to add a subtle touch of color and coordinate with everything in your wardrobe.

3. Try a matched set

“A monochromatic top and skirt or pants made from the same color or fabric was a look Princess Grace gravitated to again and again,” says Lichtenstein, adding that streamlining an outfit like this will help you always look pulled together.

4. Err on the side of understatement

The quiet luxury movement eschews excessive adornment—less is more. And Princess Grace followed this formula in nearly everything she wore. “If she did any layering, it was understated, not ostentatious. And her head to toe look was always harmonious,” says Lichtenstein, who adds that detailing should also be kept to a minimum. “A pleat on a pant or a ribbed sweater is chic, but anything more can detract from the idea of quiet luxury.”

5. Top things off with an oversized coat or relaxed trench

“The maxi coat is a primary hallmark of quiet luxury, and Princess Grace essentially invented this genre. She was often photographed in a coat with a generous cut that looked both stylish and cozy,” says Lichtenstein, who adds that one key aspect of quiet luxury is its inherent comfort. “And an oversize coat pulls everything together; it’s your easy, elegant armor.”

6. Invest in accessories (but don’t overdo them)

Princess Grace was often seen with a silk Twilly wrapped around her ponytail, a strand of pearls around her neck, and an Hermes Kelly bag—her favorite carryall—clutched in her hand. And while each of these elegant, luxurious accessories complemented whatever she was wearing, they never overpowered it. “Dialing down adornment to just one or two investment accessories, like a classic, designer handbag with minimal hardware, will give your look a classic, polished finish,” says Lichtenstein.

As the global awareness around sustainability and craftsmanship grows, so too does the growing desire for timeless pieces made of the finest materials that last a lifetime. Princess Grace was among the first to embrace this notion of thoughtful shopping and styling. Her fashion ideals still serve as inspiration for the classic, comfortable quiet luxury movement.