Silk Scarves & Twillies

Since antiquity, kings and queens have influenced fashion trends. For example, scarves were once only used for their practicality - to keep cool or wipe a sweaty brow. Queen Nefertiti is credited with raising awareness of the silk scarf’s versatility when she started wearing one under her headdress. In Asia, silk scarves were used to denote military rank. Notably, Queen Victoria popularized silk scarves during her reign, making them a favorite accessory of the upper class.

It was Hermès that propelled the silk scarf onto the luxury market and into the arms of royalty and celebrities. Grace Kelly famously wore a Hermès scarf as a sling when she injured her arm.

Over the years, the silk scarf has been employed by fashion icons to infuse their looks with color, glamour and drama. Whether worn as a head wrap or around the neck or shoulders, stylish and versatile, the silk scarf remains the go-to accessory to embellish any look.

Grace Kelly wearing scarves

Rediscovering a Classic Accessory

After a period of decline in popularity, the silk scarf is back in the spotlight. Recently, scarves have made a comeback and have been worn around the neck, tied to handbags or in the hair, and draped over shoulders for a pop of color. A silk scarf or twilly can effortlessly transform any outfit— making it instantly chic.

Modern Scarves

Signature Design

Jérome Faillant-Dumas thoughtfully designed the artwork behind all of our silks scarves and twillies. He took inspiration from Princess Grace’s floral designs and the motifs and colors emblematic of the French Riviera.

The facade of the Monte-Carlo casino is hidden in the background of our Casino Silk and the floral design of our Promenade Silk and Twilly depict each note of the Promenade Sur Le Rocher fragrance.

The Côte d’Azur and Riviera silks capture the glamour and vibrancy of the Mediterranean. Each of our silks features a signature finishing touch such as Princess Grace’s signature, the GDM logo or Her royal crest.

Grace de Monaco Silks Collection

A Human Touch

Our silks are screened by hand in Italy, renowned for its production of silk and other fine fabrics. For each color in the design, a printing frame made of metal and mesh is used. A thin film of dye is pressed through the mesh and pulled across the fabric for each layer/color of the design. This step is repeated, carefully introducing each dye, one by one, until the desired pattern is achieved. The fabric is hung to dry and then steamed to bond the colors to the fabric. Each of our silks scarves and twillies is hemmed and finished by hand.

For anyone looking to elevate their day-to-day style, look no further than the extraordinary silk scarf or twilly.