The Casino Silk

$425.00 USD
Monte Carlo comes to life after dark and at the epicenter of it all since first opening in 1865 is the Casino de Monte Carlo. The facade of the casino is seductively hidden in the background motif of this intricate work of art from French designer Jérôme Faillant-Dumas.
Duty and Taxes May Apply

Screened by Hand in Italy with artwork by Jérôme Faillant-Dumas. The central GDM icon presides over the design capturing the grand and immutable legacy of Princess Grace Herself. Bordered by floral elements paying homage to the natural beauty of the French Riviera and her love of flowers.

Size: 90x90cm (~35x35in).

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A brand that represents the passions and purpose of an iconic Princess whose generosity and style has inspired the world for generations.