The Making of Ombre Sereine

The creation of a fragrance requires more than just artistry, it demands a captivating narrative. Ombre Sereine, the third fragrance from Grace de Monaco, meets these criteria. Ombre Sereine does more than just envelop you; it ignites like a passionate embrace, leaving an indelible mark on your senses. It’s a fragrance that tells a tale of style, poise, and sumptuous beauty.

Elegance Personified

Just as Princess Grace embodied elegance in her every move, Ombre Sereine mirrors her sophistication. The fragrance’s symphonic blend of notes reflects the refined taste and innate savoir-faire of Princess Grace herself. From the initial burst of fresh citrus to the rich, earthy undertones, every facet of Ombre Sereine echoes the facets of Her personality and allure.

Ombre Sereine

Capturing Grace

At the heart of Ombre Sereine lies the talent of Xavier Blaizot, a perfumer dedicated to his craft, where each creation is an intricate process, a contemplation. For Ombre Sereine, Blaizot was fascinated by the idea of representing Princess Grace’s regal evolution via an impression, an aura, an atmosphere. The composition, a floral chypre, possesses a hint of vintage while retaining a certain modernity. This union of classic perfumery and Blaizot’s signature, unusual accords, shapes the narrative of something chic and exquisitely attired.

A Timeless Connection

Each note plays a vital role in creating the harmony that encapsulates Princess Grace’s milieu and the natural beauty of Monaco’s corniche coastline and azure sea. Mimosa, emblematic of the South of France, imparts an aquatic, powdery quality to the top notes, evocative of the sea. Orange blossoms, a hallmark of the principality, transport your senses to the splendor of the French Riviera. As a middle note, it’s a citrusy, plush scent that blends with jasmine and rose, to impart a floral potency and lushness. Ambroxan, derived from clary sage, was a natural choice for a base note. Somewhat of an elusive aroma, it’s most often described as a musky and mineral scent. This note evokes the rugged beauty of the principality’s rocky cliffs. Ombre Sereine transports you to an elegant salon, swathed in supple suede drapes, a place effervescent with conviviality and opulence, overlooking the picturesque Mediterranean shores.

Legacy in a Bottle

Ombre Sereine takes its cues from the mesmerizing coastline of Monaco, where Princess Grace spent the moments that defined her life. It's a fragrant tribute to the elegance that She personified and the timeless beauty of the landscape that captured Her heart. Ombre Sereine is more than a fragrance; it's a legacy preserved in a bottle. At Grace de Monaco, we have an unwavering commitment to quality that ensures that all our products honour the enduring spirit of Princess Grace. Ombre Sereine encapsulates the essence of a true icon. This fragrance is a celebration of grace, sophistication and Monaco's enduring charm, leaving an indelible imprint on the world of perfumery.

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Top Notes: Pink Berry, Mimosa, and Bergamot Middle Notes: Oris Root, Jasmine, Ylan-ylang, Orange Blossom, Turkish Rose, and Lavandin Absolute Base Notes: Musk, Soft Leather, and Ambroxan

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