The Making of Danse Étoilée

A warm Mediterranean night. The sky effervescent with stars. Fragrant flowers fill the air. There is glamour. There is seduction. There is dancing. This could easily be a scene from a movie starring Grace Kelly, but it’s also the inspiration behind our second fragrance, Danse Étoilée. Grace Kelly was an icon of poise and grace, and she had a love and deep appreciation of dance. She was captivated by the beauty and expression of the art form and Danse Étoilée was created in recognition of this reverence.

Danse Étoilée

Danse Étoilée is a joyous and celebratory fragrance - a bright floral bouquet “designed to capture a feeling of being carefree and as light as the bubbles in champagne.” Like moments of shimmering light in the night sky, or sparkling reflections on the warm Mediterranean Sea, Danse Étoilée is an enchanting surprise.

As with the making of Promenade Sur Le Rocher, our second scent was actualized by renowned fragrance developer Véronique Gabai. Véronique envisaged the fragrance as being akin to the thrill of first moments, first touches, that first kiss. Danse Étoilée needed to be flirtatious and have sparkle and joy. Her talent is being able to transport the wearer to the Mediterranean through the scent experience. She is passionate about using natural, high quality and vegan ingredients. Synthetics are used sparingly, and only when the extraction process is difficult or detrimental to plants or animals.

Legendary master perfumer Olivier Cresp imparted his artistry and expertise in crafting this unique composition. The classically modern flacon was artfully conceived by noted designer and image maker Jérôme Faillant-Dumas. Jérôme is passionate about brand coherence and making objects connect through common themes and materials.

From The Top

Danse Étoilée opens with fresh citrus, tangy cassis and juicy rhubarb. Cassis is a fruity note with accents of green, making it both tart and sweet. Also known as blackcurrant, it pairs well with citrus and florals. Here, it provides youth and sparkle. Rhubarb has a very juicy character when it comes to building a fragrance. Like cassis, it’s not very sweet and has a tart edge. It is used to add a subtle sharpness to the florals and other fruit notes.

Young at Heart

The heart notes are expressed in a breathtaking floral bouquet. Rose is the through line between both fragrances and was selected for its complexity. Véronique Gabai says rose is “one of the most beautiful floral notes, full, rich, velvety, sensual.” Geranium imparts a stronger green inflection than the rose. In the fragrance, it creates a link between the green and fruit notes of the cassis and rhubarb with the rose. Freesia and lily of the valley are bright florals that complement each other well and together they create radiance and airiness.

A Lush Foundation

Sandalwood is a particularly versatile note. Of sandalwood, Véronique says it is “rich, deep and has a distinctive creamy inflection, almost milky.” On the skin, it’s smooth and sensual. Amber envelops the fragrance in a soft inviting warmth, adding an extra dose of sensuality.

Another woody note, in the form of cypriol, adds earthy and spiced pepper elements. Véronique refers to musk as being “more sensation than scent.” In Danse Étoilée, it wraps the accords in an embrace. Delicate and enticing, it pushes the radiance to full power.

Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly

Danse Étoilée honors Princess Grace’s passion for dance, her love of Monaco and her undeniable star quality. This is a fragrance that dances on the skin, an uplifting and modern scent that invokes the feeling of an enchanting Mediterranean night beneath the stars.