GDM Fragrance Archetypes

With a legacy steeped in sophistication and a penchant for the exquisite, Grace de Monaco fragrances are designed to delight the senses. Each fragrance in the collection, from the dramatic Promenade Sur Le Rocher, to the vibrant Danse Étoilée, and to the enigmatic Ombre Sereine, holds a unique key to unlocking a world of captivating scents.

Floral Amber: Witty, Adventurous, and Flirty

Promenade Sur Le Rocher is a fragrance with the spirit of a romantic escapade. The floral amber essence blooms with the richness of bergamot, the allure of jasmine, and the velvety embrace of rose centifolia. Notes of amber and musk provide an aura of mystery and sensuality, an audacious trademark.

Promenade Sur Le Rocher is like stepping into a classic film like “To Catch a Thief” where romance mingles with mischief and Grace Kelly's charisma lit up the screen in her iconic portrayal of Frances Stevens. Like Frances, Promenade Sur Le Rocher will appeal to those who pursue elegance and adventure. It's for the romantics and the travellers, the ones who find beauty in every hidden corner.

Fresh Floral: Unique, Magnetic, and Spirited

Danse Étoilée perfectly captures the personality of Grace Kelly as Tracy Lord in "High Society”. Kelly radiated charm and vivacity, and Danse Étoilée has that same distinctive appeal. The freshness of cassis and lily-of-the-valley adds a burst of energy, delicate rose imparts a touch of romance, while musk and spicy geranium add body and character. Its fresh floral composition makes it an ideal choice for those who approach life with an open heart and embrace each experience with enthusiasm. It’s for the optimists with a zest for life and love and anyone who believes in the magic of the moment.

Floral Chypre: Modern, Alluring, and Vivacious

For those who revel in the enigmatic, there’s Ombre Sereine. This floral chypre fragrance is like a mystery that unfolds over time. Mimosa and jasmine are an effervescent mix, while the herbal quality of lavandin is fresh yet soft. Notes of leather and ambroxine add depth and allure, evoking an air of secrecy. Ombre Sereine is a scent that mirrors Grace Kelly's transformation from socialite to sleuth, as depicted by her character Lisa Fremont in “Rear Window”. This fragrance is for the seekers, the ones who find excitement in the unknown and beauty in the unexpected. It beckons to those who are unafraid to venture into uncharted territories, revelling in the unfamiliar.

Like Grace Kelly herself, her roles have endured the test of time and these fragrances capture the timeless essence of sophistication, beauty, and individuality of the characters she embodied. Whether you're drawn to the romantic drama of Promenade, the radiant spirit of Danse, or the enigmatic glamour of Ombre, embrace your archetype, and open the portal to the stories and characters that resonate with you.

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