The Most Sophisticated Ways to Wear Scent

Princess Grace exuded quiet luxury long before it was trending. The way she dressed, conducted herself, and even how she wore perfume was always subtle and tasteful. She knew that the key to wearing fragrance was to be able to smell it—and allow others to smell it on you—without it being overwhelming. Here are six tips to apply your fragrance in an elegant way.

1. Hit your pulse points.

Your pulse points are soft, warm areas of the body, where veins lie close to the skin. They include the areas behind your knees, the sides of your neck, the insides of your elbows, and your décolletage. The reason this works is twofold: The heat from your skin activates the molecules in the fragrance, which helps emit scent. Also, because these spots tend to be hidden, the scent wafts subtly to the nose without being overpowering.

2. Stick to two spritzes.

Before we get into how much to apply, it’s important to understand the difference between eau de parfum and perfume. Eau de parfum contains about 15 to 20 percent of pure perfume oil and will typically last from morning until late afternoon. Perfume is more highly concentrated, containing 20 to 30 percent of pure perfume oil, and will stay strong from morning till evening. If you are applying perfume, two spritzes (one per body area) will provide the right amount of long-lasting fragrance. You can be more generous with eau de parfum, but three to four spritzes should do the trick. You want your fragrance to have a subtle, alluring and enduring aroma.

3. Don’t rub.

Rubbing fragrance between your wrists may be a habit, but it can actually change the integrity of the scent—and not in a good way. Simply hold the bottle a few inches away from your skin, spritz on the fragrance, and let it dry completely without touching it.

4. Resist the urge to reapply.

After a few hours of wearing a scent, you may stop smelling it as intensely because you’ve gotten used to it. But that doesn’t mean others don’t notice it. As mentioned earlier, both perfume and eau de parfum will last most of the day, so you only need to reapply if you worked out, or took a shower.

5. Don’t spray your clothes.

Fragrance is meant to be applied directly to your skin. This allows it to interact with your body chemistry, which lets the notes fully unfold and emerge. Your clothes act as a  barrier during the process; they only absorb some notes, and not others, which can change the smell of your perfume. What’s more, the juice can stain delicate fabrics like silk.

6. Consider the weather.

Fragrance likes balmy temperatures, dewy skin, and sundresses. Gentle heat and moisture help the fragrance fully develop, and bare skin allows it to breathe. Winter, with its cold, dry temperatures and layered clothing, isn’t as fragrance-friendly. If you live in, or are visiting, a cold climate, make sure to moisturize your body before applying because it will help the fragrance better interact with your skin and last longer.

Fragrance is a powerful tool of self-expression and can make a very sophisticated statement, if worn the right way. Choose from one of our four luxury fragrances—Promenade Sur Le Rocher Parfum, Promenade Sur Le Rocher Eau de Parfum, Danse Étoilée Eau de Parfum, and Ombre Sereine Eau de Parfum—and follow these guidelines. They will ensure that you enjoy the beauty of your favorite Grace de Monaco scent all day long, and that you leave those around you with a positive fragrance impression.