4 Ways to Wear a Scarf This Summer

Princess Grace made the sophisticated silk headscarf a classic summer look in the 1950s—as well as using it to secure her ponytails and tied as a headband. But, they can also be worn as clothing and accessory options. We asked celebrity stylist Jose Parron how to incorporate silk scarves (like the Grace de Monaco Monogram Mediterranean Blue and The Côte d’Azur) into your summer wardrobe.

  1. Gilet

If you’re wearing a sleeveless or strapless dress this summer and start to get a little chilly as the sun goes down, try tying a silk scarf into a gilet (a small, sleeveless jacket) to provide extra warmth and coverage. Stretch the scarf out in front of you, and tie the left ends together. Slip your left arm through the hole created when you knotted the ends, and then pull the right ends of the scarf across your shoulders and back, and tie those ends around the upper part of your right arm; make a knot. Adjust the gilet so it sits comfortably across your shoulders and upper back and the knots are facing forward.



  1. Halter Top

This silk scarf halter top can look alluring when worn with jeans or trousers—or it can be sophisticated when paired with a blazer. Fold a scarf in half horizontally, so you have a triangle shape. Grab the top points of the triangle and tie them together until the tails are about eight inches long. Then tie those tails behind your neck and make a double knot. (If it feels too tight around your neck, loosen it up until it feels comfortable.) Take the two bottom corners of your original triangle and pull them around your back. Tie them together tightly on your lower back, making a double knot. If the halter feels too revealing in the back, add a blazer, cardigan, or jacket for extra coverage.



  1. Beach Coverup

Instead of a sarong, tie a silk scarf around the bottom of your swimsuit for a chic and elegant beach look. Grab an end of a scarf in each hand and hold the scarf out behind you at waist level. Bring your hands together in front of you, so that the scarf is covering your butt and legs. Tie the ends tightly together on your hip, and then make another knot to ensure your silk sarong stays firmly in place.

  1. Boho Bag

The perfect complement to a breezy summer dress is a slouchy silk purse. To do, tie two adjacent corners of your scarf together and make a double knot. Try to make the knots as close to the ends as possible. Do the exact same thing to the other two adjacent corners of the scarf. Once all four corners of the scarf have been double knotted, put your arm through the loops. The knots should rest on the top of your shoulder, or carry it on the crook of your arm. 

With their rich colors and gorgeous patterns, silk scarves elevate any outfit. Try these four looks, or play around to create your own unique styles. All it takes is some clever twisting and knotting—and a little ingenuity.