Iconic Bags and the Muses that Inspired Them

In the world of fashion, some styles emerge like shooting stars, igniting trends that never seem to fade. Grace Kelly left an indelible mark in Hollywood and in fashion history. Her signature style, often accessorized with a Hermes Kelly bag, continues to enthrall luxury and aspirational consumers alike, serving as an eternal source of inspiration. At Grace de Monaco, Princess Grace is our forever muse, inspiring artistry and superb design across our fragrance, home, and silk collections.

At the forefront of Grace Kelly's style legacy is her influential association with the Hermes brand. The Hermes Kelly, synonymous with luxury and exclusivity, was directly inspired by the actress herself. The story goes that the Princess of Monaco used the original Hermes bag, formerly known as the “Sac à Dépêches”, to shield her pregnant belly from prying paparazzi. This manoeuvre instantly propelled the bag into the spotlight, the catalyst that made it a status symbol. The elegant trapezoid-shaped messenger bag resonated with fashion lovers the world over, leading Hermes to eventually renaming it the “Kelly”.

Much like the Kelly bag, the Hermes Birkin bag exudes an air of understated opulence. Named after actress and singer Jane Birkin, this bag is a testament to the fusion of functionality and refinement. Birkin's casual yet sophisticated style served as the blueprint for a spacious and effortless leather tote. With its clean lines and exquisite craftsmanship, the Birkin bag encapsulates the spirit of its namesake, inspiring modern women to embrace luxury with ease.

Kelly Bag

Princess Diana inspired both Dior and Gucci to rename bags in her honor. Dior changed the name of their quilted Chouchou bag to the “Lady Dior”, an homage to her royal charm and regal demeanor, forever imprinting her legacy on Dior's canvas. Gucci’s “Diana” bag also stands as a timeless tribute to the beloved princess. The bamboo-handled tote encapsulates her polished style, with a touch of rebellion, in a single accessory. Gucci has masterfully reinvented the Diana bag over the past 20 years - each iteration infusing it with modern verve and the audacious spirit of its namesake muse.

More recently, Mulberry named bags in honor of “It Girl” Alexa Chung and songstress Lana Del Rey. The "Alexa," echoes the nonchalant sophistication of the modern-day muse. The slouchy Alexa bag is a paradox – effortlessly casual and inherently luxurious. A mainstay of 2010’s street style, this cult classic might be due for a renaissance.

Lana Del Rey's melancholic glamour found resonance in the Mulberry "Del Rey" bag. Crafted to exude nostalgia, it mirrored Lana’s sultry persona. The now discontinued leather carryall, seems at once vintage and contemporary, not unlike the performer’s evocative voice.

The "SC" by Louis Vuitton, was based on a collaboration with director Sofia Coppola. The clean lines echo her minimalist aesthetics, while the bag's practical design encapsulates her multifaceted life. Artistic passion in bag form, it was created for the woman who weaves stories on screen and in her personal style.

These iconic bags don't merely carry belongings; they carry the narratives, aspirations, and essence of their muses. Luxury brands harness the allure of their muses to cast an aspirational spell upon their consumers.

In the modern landscape, where trends shift every season, Grace Kelly's enduring influence is a testament to the power of iconic style. The bag she inspired continues to command waiting lists and capture the dreams of luxury enthusiasts worldwide. What sets Kelly's legacy apart is its ability to adapt and remain relevant in an ever-changing world. Her style isn't just a snapshot of a bygone era; it's a guiding light for those seeking sophistication and elegance.

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