Riviera Fashion

Classic French Riviera style is a unique combination of vintage, nautical, and Parisian fashion. From Breton stripes to impeccable sundresses, the coastal chic style of the French Riviera is timeless yet modern.

The Essence

Summer is the perfect moment to experiment with Parisian influences. The streamlined silhouettes, natural or light fabrics and neutral color palette function perfectly in a sundrenched climate. The essence of French style is impeccable simplicity. Wardrobe staples like a white shirt, jeans, trousers, and a blazer are the essentials upon which many looks can be created.

A smart dress or a button-down shirt and skirt worn with flat sandals or ballerinas is an easy daytime outfit. For an outdoor dinner, switch to high heels and layer on a blazer. A striped Breton top or sweater is the foundation of the French wardrobe. The iconic, alternating navy and cream horizontal stripes have been re-interpreted and updated on everything from tees to cableknit sweaters. It remains a fashion fail-safe.

Accessories are kept to a minimum. For instance, a statement bag, sleek jewelry, and a flash of red lipstick are timeless, uncomplicated adornments. No outfit is complete without fragrance. Gently spritzed in the hair, the pulse points or on clothes, a beautiful scent adds to the allure.

The Inspiration

Original influencer Grace Kelly displayed the timeless elegance and flair of the French Riviera throughout her reign as Princess of Monaco. Many movies and stars from the 50’s and 60’s immortalized the French fashion aesthetic as well. Taking a cue from these cinematic muses, a luxurious silk scarf adds the finishing touch to a hairstyle, a handbag or cleverly tied around the neck. Whether your personal look is classic or more fashion forward, French Riviera style always looks modern, especially with the injection of a bold or updated pattern.

In Practice

Bringing the beauty of the French Riviera to life in your wardrobe is simple. With just a few pieces, it’s easy to create unique looks that blend the fashion and culture of the Riviera in an authentic and effortless way. With a little effort and creativity, crafting an incredible look that radiates effortless confidence can be as fluid as a seaside getaway.