The Grace Diamond - An Exclusive Collaboration with Maison Mazerea

This story begins with a breathtaking pink diamond from the Argyle Mine in Australia. A one of a kind fancy vivid pink diamond that may well be the last of its kind anywhere in the world. Then the search for a name for this iconic jewel, and who better to inspire the story of such beauty, such rarity than the legacy of Princess Grace. So it was decided that Grace de Monaco would form a unique collaborative partnership with the world’s first Haute Diamanterie - Maison Mazerea and that the jewel would be named in honor of Princess Grace of Monaco. The Grace Diamond, like the Princess Herself stands in a class of its own. With unparalleled natural beauty, every facet of the radiant stone has been perfectly positioned, cut and hand-polished by master craftsmen to reveal an extraordinary blushing radiance…as if lit from within. The story of The Grace Diamond is one that will last for generations to come. Dedicated to supporting the philanthropic legacy of Princess Grace, each setting created for The Grace Diamond will in turn be auctioned to the highest bidder with proceeds benefiting the Princess Grace Foundation. The diamond itself will move from piece to piece designed by some of the most talented jewelers in the world and will be worn by those who support and advocate for the guiding principles of the Grace de Monaco brand and the foundation. Together Grace de Monaco and Maison Mazerea have created an annual gift that will shine a light on the incredible emerging artists that are the living legacy of Princess Grace.

The Grace Diamond was unveiled in its premier setting, the “La Vie en Rose” necklace, when her Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco wore it to the Princess Grace Awards charity event on November 3, 2022. Read the full article in Forbes here