The Original Influencer: Grace Kelly

A Hollywood mega-star in her own right thanks in part to an Oscar win in her twenties, Grace Kelly ascended further into the stratosphere as a truly global fashion icon when following her fairytale wedding to Prince Rainier she moved to the French Riviera and began her reign as Princess Grace de Monaco. Few individuals, you could count on a single hand, other than designers like Lagerfeld or Coco Chanel have had the timeless influence over the world of fashion that Grace Kelly has. Keeping in good company with Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Diana, Cher, Audrey Hepburn, and currently, Rihanna and Harry Styles, Princess Grace Kelly’s style and elegance have transcended time.

Her inimitable style remains an integral part of her larger global legacy featuring streamlined, sophisticated pieces, classic silhouettes, and well-appointed accessories— all of which exude an effortless elegance that few have ever truly been able to capture.

Grace Kelly

Whether famously donning a chic headscarf style or accessorizing to add a pop of color to tailored pants and a button-down blouse—Grace Kelly was well-known for her love of silks and could turn any look into a stylish outfit with an artfully knotted scarf.

Her eye for fashion established her as an original trendsetter and influencer long before the time of social media. It also caught the eye of and inspired many fashion houses such as Gucci to create the Flora pattern, Hermes to rename their Sac à Dépêches to the Kelly bag, and Cartier’s beloved Grains de Café collection—to name a few.

Grace Kelly

Inspired by Princess Grace’s iconic fashion legacy, the Silks Collection from Grace de Monaco features the House’s signature floral bouquets, royal emblems, and color palettes; each uniquely capturing the quintessential Mediterranean joie de vivre. Inspiration awaits with these chic ways to style a silk scarf by the Icon herself and our muse, Princess Grace.