9 Ways to Tie a Twilly

First introduced in the 1930s, these gorgeous long, skinny scarves were a staple accessory in Princess Grace’s wardrobe. She was often seen wearing one wrapped around her neck, and paired with a crisp white oxford shirt. A “Twilly” - as it is now referred to has all the style and glamour of a classic silk scarf, but its elongated shape makes it even more versatile. 

The Grace de Monaco Twillies come in two beautiful patterns: Côte d’Azur features a soothing palette of shimmery gold and crystal blue—a nod to Princess Grace’s home perched on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea; while The Promenade Twilly (available in both Yellow Gold and Rose Gold) was inspired by Princess Grace’s pressed flower designs. They are luxurious and elegant enough to stand in for a necklace, but also have plenty of other stylish and practical uses. Here, nine chic ways to tie this iconic accessory.



1. Neck Scarf

Grab each end of the Twilly and hold it flat against the front of your neck. Wrap it around the sides of your neck, criss-cross it at the back of your neck, and then bring the ends to the front. Shift it slightly to the right or left side and tie a gentle knot. You can leave the ends loose or tuck them under the sides of the scarf. 

2. Purse Charm

This is one of the most popular uses for a Twilly – fastening it onto your purse can instantly make your bag look more unique. The key is to use a tote-style bag with short handles, like a Hermès Kelly bag which was Princess Grace’s signature handbag.   

Here are two easy ways to do it: 1. Tie it onto the bottom of the front handle (it doesn’t matter if it’s on the right end or left end of the handle), and craft it into a bow, or tie a knot and let the ends hang loose. Or, 2. Drape the center of your Twilly over the top center of your purse handle. Wrap the right side of the Twilly around the right side of the handle; when you get to the end, make a loop and pull the end of the Twilly through the loop. Repeat on the left side of the handle. Fluff the ends, and adjust the knots if needed. Need a little extra instruction? Watch this video from The Luxury Closet

3. Headband

A Twilly headband resembles a scarf headband, but the skinnier shape makes it easier to maneuver, and the ends tuck neatly under your hair.  Hold the middle of the Twilly across your forehead, and knot the ends tightly at the nape of your neck. Gently push the headband back to the desired position.

4. Bracelet

For a cuff look, simply wrap the Twilly several times around your wrist and knot the ends together on the top of your wrist. For a bangle effect, grab an end of the Twilly in each hand, and stretch it out in front of you. Using your index fingers, tightly twist the Twilly until the very ends, and you have one long tube shape. Bring your hands together so the ends meet, and watch as the two sides twist into each other making a rope shape. There will naturally be a little loop at the bottom; pull one end of the Twilly through this loop, and pull the ends till it’s snug around your wrist like a bangle. Then tie a knot with ends to secure it in place. Make a second (or third) knot if you need to get it to your desired size. Slip the Twilly “bracelet” over your wrist.

5. Belt Accessory

Use a Twilly to add a pop of color and pattern to a neutral outfit. Simply weave a Twilly through the front 1 or 2 belt loops of your pants, skirt, or shorts and tie it in a knot. You can either let the ends hang down, or make a bow for a more feminine look.

6. Ponytail Holder

Twillies make pretty ponytail holders, but their silky texture can cause them to slip. To prevent this, pull your hair back into a ponytail, and secure it with an elastic. Then tie the Twilly around the elastic and let the ends hang down, or tie them into a bow.

7. Gift Wrap

Gift wrap sets the tone of a present, and offers a glimpse into what’s tucked inside the package. Instead of using a ribbon to decorate a special gift, tie it with a Twilly that compliments the shade of the wrapping paper, gift box, or gift bag.

8. Art Piece

You may have seen silk scarves framed and displayed around peoples’ homes. A Twilly can be used in the same way, but with more dramatic flair. Arrange the Twilly in an abstract fashion (think a zigzag shape or loops), and have your framer sew or glue it onto a piece of white matboard. From there, select a simple frame (white, silver, gold or black are always good choices). You can even frame a series of Twillies, each in their own frame, to create a stunning collage. 

9. Dinner Party Décor

Work a charming party favor into your décor by attaching Twillies to your dining chairs (depending on their size and shape). Tie a Twilly around the back of each dining chair, and craft each into a bow (or knot) in the back—so the bow is visible when the chairs are pushed into the table. Let your guests know that each Twilly is theirs to take home at the end of the night. Or, another décor or party favor option is to wrap a Twilly around a small vase of flowers and tie it into a bow to add an accent of color and design to a simple vessel. 

Whether you’re using it in your home, your hair or as an elegant accessory, our Grace de Monaco Twillies silky texture, brilliant colors and artful designs will add classic charm, and Mediterranean style anywhere you place it.

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